Jul 24

156 – “Being Married in Trek”

Worf-and-DaxKathy Ferguson and Jarrah Hodge (of Trekkie Feminist and Gender Focus fame) return to All Things Trek for a discussion of marriage as portrayed in Star Trek. We also welcome Grace back after a few weeks off, so in general good times are had by all. This is another long episode, as often happens when we get guests as awesome as these, so settle in. We discuss Star Trek’s troubled relationship to arranged/forced marriage, and yell a lot about Keiko and Miles O’Brien. Enjoy the episode!

Jul 22

Broken Website is Less Broken

pakled04Hey guys, sorry for the recent website troubles. We’re working on switching our hosting service, so there are gonna be some ups and downs. Fortunately, I have been able to re-upload all the way back to episode 135, and I’m hopeful more will be up later. We’ll see if I can get this week’s episode updated on time.

Jul 16

155 – “Crime, Punishment, and Trek”

BrigThis week we are once again joined by friend of the show Elise Abramson who, if you’ve forgotten, is a real life prosecutor in Washington state. She keeps us from sounding like complete fools when we talk about the law. In this episode, we determine that jury duty is the worst thing the Federation can do to you. OK, so maybe Elise only sometimes keeps us from sounding like fools. But really, it was a great episode, and I hope you enjoy it. Join us next week for the glorious return of Grace, and for when Kathy and Jarah come back to discuss marriage in Star Trek.

Jul 07

154 – “Xindi Arc: We Skipped One”

Chosen_Realm_Scene_35_006No Grace this week, which is an unfortunate shame, but Deyvid and I will try to soldier on. We take a look at the next two major additions to the Xindi Arc; Twilight and Chosen Realm. It was pointed out to me during the show that Carpenter Street, which we skipped, is totally a Xindi Arc episode so we’ll be going back for that one. Is that a good thing? Who knows.

Skipped episodes aside, these two recieved favorable reviews from the ATT hosts, although there was some serious beef over why T’Pol didn’t use the vulcan neck pinch at one point. So far we’ve had pretty good luck with the Xindi Arc, but will it hold? You’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out, because next week our friend Elise the prosecutor is returning to the show for a discussion on crime and punishment.


Jul 02

153 – “Labor in Trek”

troglytesI’m being a good little podcaster this week and actually updating on time. For this episode we are joined once again by Jarrah Hodge, who in addition to being the Trekkie Feminist, is also a rabble rousing union activist!  OK, so we have no proof of any rabble she may or may not have raised. But she does have a lot of experience with organized labor, and that made her the perfect guest for this episode. We talk about classic episodes like The Cloud Minders and Bar Association, plus do a little bit of hypothesizing on how the post-scarcity Federation gets people to do the unpleasant jobs, like cleaning up dead Red Shirts.

Jun 28

152 – “Missed Opportunities”

Lenara_Kahn_and_Jadzia_Dax_kissOh man, late update is super late. My bad guys, this week was absolutely crazy. On the bright side, I’ve got a fantastic episode for you with special guest, Kathy Ferguson. We talk about all the times Star Trek introduced some really interesting social or political idea and then didn’t follow up on it. Basically, what we all want to happen in the next Trek series. Join us next time (later today) for another appearance of the awesome Jarrah Hodge!

Jun 18

151 – “Planets You Should Never Go To”

Eden PlanetIn between all the heavy topics we’ve been doing, it was time for something a little lighter. As such, welcome to an episode where we do nothing except gripe about imaginary places that we never want to visit. Of course, we also talk about the imaginary places we would like to visit. Mine is full of drugs.

Jun 18

Data Logan’s Comprehensive Viewing and Reading Order

Surprised Kirk and Checkov

I guess Data Logan really is a machine, because he’s compiled a list of Star Trek material so extensive that I can’t imagine it being done by a flesh and blood human. He’s organized them by date, so you can start all the way at 10,000 BCE and work your way up to a million years in the future, which is about as long as reading/watching everything on this list will take you! Click below to see this feet of android engineering.


Star Trek Stories in Order

Jun 10

150 – “Anniversary Trek”

Trials-and-Tribble-ations dax siskoBelieve it or not, All Things Trek turns three years old in a few days. That just feels strange to type. I remember vividly when Bob asked me if I wanted to do a Star Trek podcast, and how I thought we could do an audio drama as the main show. Oh, the things I have learned. The show has clearly come a long way. With new co-hosts and a selection of fantastic guests, I think we’re getting better and better. Here’s to many more episodes

For this week, we invited Bob back to discuss the episodes that marked Star Trek’s 30th anniversary, Trials and Tribble-ations and Flashback. Who doesn’t love time travel? Bob, as it turns out. But he does love the Excelsior, so that helped.

Jun 04

149 – “Law and Trek”

Judge CardassianThis week we discuss the legal systems seen in Star Trek, from the Federation to the deepest reaches of the Delta Quadrant. To make sure we aren’t just talking out our asses, we invited onto the show one Elise Abramson, a real life prosecutor. She keeps us from spending the entire show banging gavels and shouting “OBJECTION!” We had a grand time pointing out how silly certain elements of Star Trek legal dramas, and we also find out a lot of things that are actually quite realistic despite all appearances. I think this episode is one for the ATT history books, and I hope we’ll be able to get Elise back on, because there’s way more in this subject when we could cover in two hours.

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