Apr 16

142 – “Those Crazy Cardassians”

Garak and DukatSo this week we talk about everyone’s favorite reality show stars- wait, no, Cardassians, with a ‘C.’ Anyway, we spend a fun hour discussing our the center stage aliens of Deep Space Nines. How does their government work? Their Justice System? Their family structure? We talk about all of that, and I think we manage to do it with only one Kardashian joke. Of course, because Deyvid is here, we talked about klingons a bit too. Enjoy, and we hope you’ll join us this coming Saturday when we are joined by both Jarrah Hodge and Kathy Ferguson for a discussion of pregnancy and motherhood in Star Trek.

Apr 10

141 – “The Transiest of Humanisms”

GeordiLaForgeThis week we are joined once again by Data Logan to discuss transhumanism in Star Trek, both what was shone on TV and what we would like to see in the future. A lot of our discussion turned toward the speculative because it turns out that Star Trek didn’t tackle the subject of transhumanism very often, except as a cautionary tale about the dangers of straying from what is ‘natural.’ Of course, there is always Geordi for us to fall back on, and who could forget our good friends the Borg? In any case, it was an awesome discussion and we hope that Datalogan will be able to join us again soon.



Apr 02

140 – “So Many Children

Wesley_Crusher,_2364This week we are joined once again by Jarrah Hodge of both Trekkie Feminist and Gender Focus fame. But, that’s not all! Our second guest is none other than the co-host of yore, Bob. Together we discuss the recurring child characters of Star Trek, which basically translates into a bunch of “shut up, Wesley!” We hope you enjoy the episode, and that you’ll join us next week when we are joined once again by Data Logan for a talk on trans humanism in Star Trek.

Mar 19

139 – “Convention Trek”

Startrekcon1969This week we are joined by none other than Seattle local and Trekkie David Taylor to discuss the history and impact of Star Trek conventions. You may have heard about David (not to be confused with Deyvid) from his awesome work on Scifi Commons, where he does some really cool stuff. During the show, we discuss the early history of science fiction conventions, the eldritch history of early Trek conventions, and the reasons each of us has to attend these conventions in the first place.

There will be no show on the 22nd, on account of I will be recovering from a late birthday party. We shall continue on the 29th as usual.

Mar 15

138 – “Multi-Performance Actors”

CombsIn this episode we once again follow Grace’s suggestion and discuss actors who have played multiple roles on Star Trek. This all started with a list over on Startrek.com, so we went through the ones they talked about and added some of their own. We  particularly enjoyed pointing out characters they missed, like Penk from the glorious episode that was Tsunkatse. We also ended up spending about half an hour talking about Pulaski, so enjoy that too.

Mar 13

Late Update Will Be Late

I am absolutely swamped right now, so the episode from last week won’t be updated until Friday, possibly Saturday morning. That is all.


Mar 06

137 – “Xindi Arc: Further and Less Dumb”

Reptilian_boarding_partyThis week we look at the next to episodes of the Xindi arc, Rajin and Impulse. We found them over all to be a major improvement, and a sign at least that Enterprise was starting to finally coalesce in season three, even if it still had a long way to go. Of course, they weren’t doing any favors with the “I’d love to hear your language” but between Hoshi and the alien femme fatale, but that’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Also, as Grace pointed out, the ending of Impulse has a lot in common with the ending of Carrie, so there’s that.

Feb 28

136 – “Nemecek Trek”

Larry_Nemecek_640x960This week we are joined by Dr. Trek himself, Larry Nemecek. Talking to him was an absolute joy, both because of his unique view on Star Trek and because we got to hear about all the amazing projects he is currently working on. Rather than blab on here, I’ll just let you listen and point in the direction of some of those projects. Let’s see, we’ve got…

Geek Nation Tours: Ever wanted to join a bunch of other trekkies and be shown around Vasquez Rocks by Bobby Clark, one of the men who wore the Gorn suit? Now you can!

The Con of Wrath: A documentary of what was possibly the most spectacular failure in Star Trek Convention history.

The Trekland Trunk: Larry occasionally decides he can live without parts of his extensive collection, and he’s more than happy to hand them over in exchange for dollars. Gold pressed latinum pending.

Star Trek Continues: Even though Larry will no longer be playing Dr. McCoy, this is still an amazing series where he has a lot of creative input. Go watch it!


Feb 21

135 – “Machiavelli In Star Trek”













This week we are joined once again by Kathy Ferguson, the professor who teaches Political Theory In Star Trek at the University of Hawaii. If you ever wanted to take that class, then this is the episode for you, because we spend nearly two hours discussing the ways in which Trek has channeled the philosophies of one Niccolo Machiavelli; politician, diplomat, soldier, and philosopher. You’ve probably heard of him as the man who said “the ends justify the means.” Turns out he said lots of other stuff, and his ideas played a role in some of our favorite episodes of Star Trek.

Join us again this coming Saturday for an interview with that great sage of Star Trek, Larry Nemecek.

Feb 13

134 – “Xindi Arc: Archer is a Jerk”

Archer_and_his_coffee_face_anomaliesTaking a break from our long running chain of guest, we take a look at Anomaly, the third episode of the Xindi War. Archer is a jerk, T’Pol is stupid(er), and an alien exists only to taunt the people who capture him. In defense of this episode, it does have a cool fight with pirates, and Hoshi get’s to be useful, so there’s that. We also get yet another case of people not changing their access codes when one of their people gets captured. If I ever make my Star Trek drinking game, that’s gonna be on there.

In other news, Star Trek Continues has a second episode out, and you should go watch it because it’s awesome! Here at All Things Trek, we’re a sucker for episodes with complex moral implications, and Lolani does that with bells on. Go watch it!

Finally, next week we shall once again be joined by political science professor Kathy Ferguson, for a discussion of how the philosophy of Machiavelli fits into Star Trek.


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