Sep 24

164 – “Xindi Arc: Better and Worse”

Calindra_SystemWe take a break from the stream of guests this week to get back to a subject that’s near and dear to all our hearts, Johnathan Archer! OK, really it’s another episode in our sporadic attempt to get through the Xindi Arc, this time
with Carpenter Street and Proving Ground. Carpenter street is out of order, but we accidentally skipped it last time, so no harm no foul.  These are a great set of episodes to do together because they demonstrate the best and worst of the Xindi Arc. Genuine drama on one hand, and forced stupidity on the other. Which one is which? You’ll have to listen and find out.


But before you do, there’s something you should do. If you’ve ever seen the comments of the Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed the rampant levels of sexism, racism, and homophobia that goes on there. Any time there’s a “Caption This!” picture featuring someone who isn’t white and/or male, you know it’s gonna get bad. Fortunately, our friend the Trekkie Feminist is trying to do something about it. She’s got a petition going and has gathered page upon page of screenshots to show what’s going on, plus testimonials from people who have been effected. Please support her at…

Star Trek deserves a better legacy than this.

Sep 19

163 – “Intro to Star Trek Online”


STOWhen we say All Things Trek, we mean all things that are Trek. This includes Star Trek Online, even though I personally have never gotten past the old tutorial mission. Never fear, Grace and Deyvid have played a lot more than I have, and they will tell you all about it. To give them a boost, we invite back Bob, the host from days of yore, and Terry, well known for her work on the GNT Podcast.

In this episode, we go over the basics of Star Trek Online, discussing how the game play, what the best missions are, what the worst missions are, and what we’d like to see going forward. Also, there’s something about the Talshiar making you kill puppies. Enjoy!

Sep 10

162 – “Trippy Trek”

thethaw_134This week, on All Things Trek, we dig into the really weird episodes of Star Trek. You know, the ones that make you scratch your head and go “huh?” Also, the ones that make your brain hurt trying to think about them, and the ones that are just straight up terrifying. That’s right, we’re talking about the trippy episodes of Trek. Enjoy!

Sep 03

161 – “The Red Shirt Diaries”

redshirtsThis week we are joined by Ashley and Jason, two awesome people from the Star Trek fan series; The Red Shirt Diaries. Have you ever wondered what episodes of TOS would look like from the POV of a lowly security ensign? Well, now you can find out. The first episode is out now, so go watch it! But first, listen to this fun talk we had with them, which includes ATT’s first Trivia Contest.

Aug 29

160 – “Good Episodes With Bad Characters”

DoctorFilledInTimelessThis week’s episode is brought to you by Oren’s brain thinking too much about what episodes are really good despite the terrible characters they focus on. What makes a terrible character? That’s a different subject entirely, so we just went with the lest controversial choices we could think of. Neelix, Kim, Wesley, etc. Enjoy!

Aug 22

159 – “Best Guest Stars”

Shelby ChairHello everyone, sorry for the late update. This week, Grace is back! Yaaaaaay! Also, we discuss our favorite guest stars who only appeared in one episode of Trek. That means we had to disqualify the much discussed Jeffery Combs, but it gave us a chance to talk about a lot of guest actors who don’t come up as often in discussion. Hope you enjoy it! On a technical matter, we’ve switched hosts for the website, so let me know if you see anything wonky about the site.

Aug 22

158 – “TOS First Look”

AnomSupLogo300x201This week were joined by the amazing Sue of the Anomaly Supplemental podcast. She and the other geeky ladies of Anomaly have been putting out a quality show since before All Things Trek was even thought of. This is actually Sue’s second time on ATT, almost two years to the day. The impetus for inviting her back was the blog series she’s writing about her first full watch of TOS. It’s always interesting to talk with those who are new to some aspect of Trek, and Sue had plenty to say on the topic. She asks hard hitting questions like why Dr. Soong was considered so ground breaking when Kirk was running into androids left and right, why the logical Mr. Spock is always acting so emotional, and why there’s so much blue eye liner.

Aug 07

Sorry, no episode this week.

As the title says, there shall be no episode of ATT this week. I had a fun chat with Jarrah, live from STLV, but the sound quality is so bad I’m not going to put you guys through it. Seriously, even I could barely understand what we were saying half the time.

Aug 01

157 – “Emails and Star Trek Continues

fairest-of-them-allThis week we take a little time off from all the huge topics we’ve been discussing and get caught up on our emails. Of course, some of those emails contain some pretty serious topics of their own. We also give our thoughts on the most recent episode of Vic Mignogna’s Star Trek Continues series, The Fairest of Them All. There are mad spoilers here, so if you’re not into that, go watch the episode first. It’s well worth watching in any case. Next week, we’ll be broadcasting live from Star Trek Las Vegas, hope to see you then!

Jul 24

156 – “Being Married in Trek”

Worf-and-DaxKathy Ferguson and Jarrah Hodge (of Trekkie Feminist and Gender Focus fame) return to All Things Trek for a discussion of marriage as portrayed in Star Trek. We also welcome Grace back after a few weeks off, so in general good times are had by all. This is another long episode, as often happens when we get guests as awesome as these, so settle in. We discuss Star Trek’s troubled relationship to arranged/forced marriage, and yell a lot about Keiko and Miles O’Brien. Enjoy the episode!

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