Nov 23

171 – “TNG Bonanza!”

The Measure of a ManThis week All Things Trek is joined once again by two of our favorite guests, Sue of the Anomaly Podcast and Andi the First Time Trekker. Last time these two shows up we had an extremely important and serious talk about the shortcomings of TOS. This time, we’re going with slightly lighter fair, fanning out over our guests favorite TNG episodes from each season. Yes, that means we go through 13 episodes this week (the both picked The Measure of a Man for season 2), so strap in. There’s no denying that this little trip down nostalgia lane get’s us all super enthusiastic.

Nov 21

Late update will be late

Sorry guys, I haven’t been able to edit last week’s podcast on time because of reasons. It’ll be posted on Saturday I promise.

Nov 12

170 – “Enterprise In Space!”

Voyager6If you’re a Star Trek fan, chances are you love space. We certainly do, which is why we invited Johnny Steverson from the Enterprise in Space project to talk with us today. We talked a lot about EIS’s plans to launch a crowd-funded probe into Earth orbit, making it the first vessel called Enterprise in space. Oh man, did we ever have a lot of technical and science terms this week. I feel like I need to spout some technobabble just to balance it out.

Friend of the show Larry Nemecheck tried to join us by phone, but the technology was not cooperative. Don’t worry, we’re gonna get him back before the podcast is over. Larry has been super involved with EIS, and if that’s not a reason to check it out then I don’t know what is.

Finally, we at All Things Trek want to say that our thoughts are with the family of Michael Alsbury, co-pilot of VSS Enterprise. We also send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to survivor Peter Siebold.

Nov 04

169 – “Early TNG With John Champion”

Wesley_Crusher,_2364This just in, listeners, we’ve successfully opened a channel to John Champion of the Mission Log Podcast as part of our finale month shebang! If you don’t already know about the Mission Log, then go listen to it. It’s amazing. Easily the best Star Trek podcast I know of. John was an absolute blast to talk to, and we spent most of the show discussing the ups and downs of TNG’s first season. John and his co-host Ken have taken such insightful looks at those early episodes that I’ve actually gone back and re-watched some of them. Turns out they weren’t completely terrible at all times. Just most times.  Also, learn the super secret (not really secret) of John Champion and Wesley Crusher!

Oct 29

168 – “Recurring Villains Part III”

Borg_Queen_2376Three episodes later, and we are finally done with the recurring villains of Star Trek. It took us a long time, but we finally got there. I had no idea when I started this topic that it would take so long, and I hope you enjoy the final installment.

Speaking of endings, I have an announcement to make. All Things Trek will be ending in November, with our last episode broadcasting on Saturday, November 29th. I’ve been doing this show for more than three years, and it’s been a fantastic experience, but real life is making it so I no longer have the time to make it as good as it deserves to be.

I’ll take a moment now to thank my cohosts, though I’m sure I’ll be doing that more than a few times before the 29th. Without Deyvid and Grace I could not have done this show. Each of them brought energy and perspective that I desperately needed. We’ve got some plans for the next few weeks so the podcast can really go out with a bang. I think you’ll all enjoy what we’ve got cooking. If you have any thoughts to send our way, please do so at


Oct 24

167 – “Recurring Villains Part II”

Garak and DukatIt turns out there are a lot of recurring villains in Star Trek! This week we spent almost the entire show just getting through Deep Space Nine, though we also talked some about our experience at Geek Girl Con, and an excellent email sent by our friend Jarrah, the Trekkie Feminists.

We had a tech-meltdown about 20 minutes into the show, so apologies in advance for that. Grace’s computer decided to take an unplanned nap, which caused a bit of a kerfuffle. Join us next week for the final episode about recurring villains in Star Trek, finishing up with Enterprise and Voyager.

Oct 08

166 – “Returning Villains”

Harcourt_Fenton_Mudd_2266This week we take another look at the villains of Trek, this time focusing on those who made more than one appearance. We only made it through TOS and TNG, partially because we spent almost half the podcast talking about Harry Mud. There won’t be a show on the 11th because of Geek Girl Con, but we shall return in two weeks with Part II! Also, despite the claims made by Deyvid at the end, I don’t think Gul Dukat ever appears in TNG.

Oct 02

165 – “TOS Troubles”

Spock ContemplativeThis week we invite back not one, but TWO special guests to discuss the Original Series of Star Trek. They are Andi, better known as the hilarious First Time Trekker, and Sue, of the excellent Anomaly Podcast Supplemental. Both of them are going through TOS for the first time, and we wanted to hear about how the second season is treating them.

The conversation today was very serious indeed, with Andi, Sue, and our own Grace discussing topics that matter a lot to them. Frankly, they should matter a lot to all of us. Then we did some sill TOS trivia because we also like to have nerdy fun.

On a final note, our friend Jarrah, of Trekkie Feminist Fame, is still working hard to get CBS to moderate it’s Facebook page, so please take a moment to help her out. She’s doing a lot of hard work so that Trekkies will have a safe place to nerd about about Star Trek.

Sep 24

164 – “Xindi Arc: Better and Worse”

Calindra_SystemWe take a break from the stream of guests this week to get back to a subject that’s near and dear to all our hearts, Johnathan Archer! OK, really it’s another episode in our sporadic attempt to get through the Xindi Arc, this time
with Carpenter Street and Proving Ground. Carpenter street is out of order, but we accidentally skipped it last time, so no harm no foul.  These are a great set of episodes to do together because they demonstrate the best and worst of the Xindi Arc. Genuine drama on one hand, and forced stupidity on the other. Which one is which? You’ll have to listen and find out.


But before you do, there’s something you should do. If you’ve ever seen the comments of the Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed the rampant levels of sexism, racism, and homophobia that goes on there. Any time there’s a “Caption This!” picture featuring someone who isn’t white and/or male, you know it’s gonna get bad. Fortunately, our friend the Trekkie Feminist is trying to do something about it. She’s got a petition going and has gathered page upon page of screenshots to show what’s going on, plus testimonials from people who have been effected. Please support her at…

Star Trek deserves a better legacy than this.

Sep 19

163 – “Intro to Star Trek Online”

STOWhen we say All Things Trek, we mean all things that are Trek. This includes Star Trek Online, even though I personally have never gotten past the old tutorial mission. Never fear, Grace and Deyvid have played a lot more than I have, and they will tell you all about it. To give them a boost, we invite back Bob, the host from days of yore, and Terry, well known for her work on the GNT Podcast.

In this episode, we go over the basics of Star Trek Online, discussing how the game play, what the best missions are, what the worst missions are, and what we’d like to see going forward. Also, there’s something about the Talshiar making you kill puppies. Enjoy!

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